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Why Do You Need a Smart Weigh Body Fat Scale?

Body fat scales, also known as body fat monitors, refer to a type of scale that not only measures weight like traditional scales but also uses the bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) method to measure body fat percentage, body water percentage, muscle percentage, bone weight, and other body composition components based on input information and body impedance. Smart weigh body fat scales are widely used in households, hospitals, health clubs, and other settings.

Measurement method of smart weigh body fat scale

The user stands on the body fat scale barefooted, and a weak electric current passes through the body. According to the rule that the body fat is non-conductive and the body water is conductive, an electrical resistance value is measured. Then, based on the user's height, age, and gender, the value is inputted into a large sample model to estimate the values. The current passing through the body is very weak and harmless.

Reasons to have a smart weigh body fat scale

Almost everyone cares about their weight, but for those who really want to lose weight and stay fit, body fat and body fat percentage are more important than weight. Losing weight usually means reducing one’s weight, but reducing body fat means that the amount of muscle and fat decreases in proportion. For example, dieting and aerobic exercise can help lose weight, but if both muscle and fat decrease, the body fat ratio will not change much. This means that the body is more prone to rebounding after losing weight. During weight loss, focusing on body fat is essential. Building muscles and reducing fat may not change weight much, but it can reduce body fat, making the person look slimmer. Also, during weight loss, it is crucial to pay attention to health, especially for people who diet. The data measured on a body fat scale can indicate many indicators of a person's health. This is something that a regular scale cannot provide, which is why a smart weigh body fat scale is necessary.

Data fluctuation of smart weigh body fat scale is key

When a user uses an electronic smart body weight scale, it shows data about body fat, muscle ration, and water content. However, the real focus is on comparing trends. For example, users will deliberately choose to weigh themselves at the same time and under the same conditions to see if they have lost weight or gained it due to factors such as diet, exercise, and intestinal contents. 

Many people have reported that the data on body fat scales is inconsistent. However, purchasing a healthkeep body fat scale is not a matter of accuracy. The key is to pay attention to changes in the recorded data and adjust one's eating, sleeping, and exercise habits accordingly. Body fat scales are more accurate in reflecting a person's obesity than traditional scales. Therefore, for users who want to lose weight, it is recommended to invest in a body fat scale.