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Body Composition Analyzer Used to Screen for Risk of Fatty Liver Disease

1. What are the applications of body composition analyzers in screening fatty liver?

A body composition analyzer can help detect if you are at risk for a fatty liver or if you have a fatty liver problem. Fatty liver is a liver health problem caused by liver pathological changes. Its onset is insidious, slow onset, and generally asymptomatic.

A small number of patients have clinical symptoms such as fatigue, right upper quadrant discomfort, sleep disturbance, and constipation. In severe cases, the main manifestations are nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal bleeding, lower extremity edema, etc. The cause of the disease is highly related to poor eating habits.

After health problems occur, a series of health problems are prone to occur and seriously threaten the life and health of patients.

In recent years, with the change of living habits, the incidence of fatty liver is on the rise, which requires timely diagnosis and effective treatment.

Related research results show that in the body composition analysis test, when the subject is overweight or the fat metabolism is unbalanced, the probability of fatty liver is higher.

However, due to the lack of widespread use of health check equipment and medical technology in the past, due to limited conditions, less attention has been paid to abnormal weight, resulting in more people lacking knowledge of weight management and ignoring the changes in indicators of normal weight people.

2. What are the applications of body composition analyzers in physical examination?

The body composition analyzer can clearly and accurately display the content of various indicators of body composition of normal weight people, which is conducive to the health management of various indicators of physical examination by the medical examination department and improves the emphasis on physical fitness.

To ensure their own physical fitness, and provide clinical treatment and prevention of health problems.

The clinical application of body composition analyzers in physical examination has enhanced the importance of physical examination personnel to their own physical fitness.

The instrument can input various information of the medical examiner, use images to present the health status of the medical examiner, analyze health consultation management, and formulate diet and exercise plans for the medical examiner.

In addition, the physical fitness tester can also use the body composition analyzer to formulate the expected weight and physical fitness results, and complete the comparison of the physical fitness improvement of the tested subjects.

At present, body composition analyzers have been widely used in clinical practice. Body composition analyzers bring more accurate diagnostic significance to clinical diagnosis and reduce the risk of misdiagnosis and misjudgment. Body composition analyzers provide beneficial protection for the health of patients with liver damage.

To achieve early detection and early treatment, to avoid the deterioration of the disease, to reduce the suffering of patients, to facilitate physical examination, to strengthen attention to their own health, and to improve the quality of life.