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What Does the Body Composition Analyzer Machine Machine Detect? What is the Ideal Condition of the Human Body?

1. What does the body composition analyzer machine detect?

(1) Body composition analyzer machine, also called detector or measuring instrument. Body composition analyzer machines are widely used in major units or medical institutions, experience centers and other places to analyze and evaluate human health. For example, units of active servicemen, military academies, military agencies and cadre sanitarium. The personnel of scientific research units conduct physical health evaluations of special combat groups in order to better guide training and enhance combat effectiveness. Body composition measurement has become an important part of body composition analysis. Evaluate the state of muscle attenuation for retired old comrades and popularize health-preserving knowledge are conducive to prolonging life.

(2) The health monitor body fat analyzer is used in the clinical nutrition department, weight loss clinic, endocrinology department, cardio-cerebrovascular department, nephrology dialysis center and geriatric department in hospitals and physical examination centres. It is also widely used in health experience centres.

(3) The body composition analyzer machine conducts regular body composition analysis for patients with malnutrition or nutrition excess and conducts body composition assessment and monitoring for patients with nutritional disorders. Determine the degree of obesity before outpatient treatment for endocrine disorders and weight loss, formulate a treatment plan, and observe the treatment effect during the treatment. It is possible to warn the occurrence of fatty liver early, take further confirmation of the diagnosis, and carry out nutrition and exercise intervention to avoid further development.

(4) The body composition analyzer machine can measure weight and excess body fluid scores, and cooperate with dialysis doctors to formulate dialysis plans.

(5) The body composition analyzer machine can analyze the body composition to determine whether the elderly have symptoms of sarcopenia, determine whether the body composition is balanced, and the amount and distribution of the fat.

(6) The application of body composition analyzer machine in fitness places. Fitness places are also for people who exercise for a long time. Is it reliable to analyze and measure the body composition before and after each stage of fitness? Certainly, because the amount of exercise is detected at any time, and the exercise plan is scientifically adjusted.

(7) Application of body composition analyzer machine in beauty salons. In the beauty salon, the liposuction customers first use the principle of body composition analyzer machine to make a health evaluation, and then the staff will proceed to the next step of weight-loss operation.

An ideal body condition based on body composition analysis means that based on heredity, through acquired efforts, we have reached a relatively good state in terms of human body structure, physiological function, physical fitness and athletic ability, mental quality, internal and external environmental adaptability, and others. A body composition analyzer machine is a device that recommends self-improvement by detecting the human body composition. And nowadays, there are more and more body composition analyzer manufacturers.

2. Body composition analyzer machine tailors your ideal body condition

(1) If the body comp analysis shows that the body is healthy, and the main organs are free of diseases; the body shape is well developed, the physique is strong, and the body types are well-proportioned; the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system and the exercise system have good functions; have strong exercise and workability; healthy mental development, optimistic mood, strong will, strong anti-interference and anti-stimulus ability; strong adaptability to the natural and social environment, it is an ideal body condition.

3. The body composition analyzer machine will tell us what factors will cause the difference in physical fitness

(1) The body composition analyzer machine first analyzes the influence of heredity on physical fitness. Heredity is a congenital condition for the physical and mental development and development of the human body, and it has a very important impact on the strength of the body. Studies have found that the human body's morphological structure, nerve type, aerobic capacity and maximum oxygen uptake, etc., all depend to a large extent on genetic factors.

(2) The bia body composition analyzer shows the influence of the environment on physical fitness. The natural environment and social environment for human existence are not only the basic conditions for human survival but also have direct or indirect effects on the development and growth of the human body.

(3) The body composition analyzer machine analyzes that physical fitness and athletic ability are also closely related to heredity. The morphological structure is affected by genetic factors, which account for 75%, and the human body's aerobic metabolism and maximum oxygen uptake capacity are 75% to 95% affected by genetic factors. While recognizing that heredity has an important influence on the development and growth of the human body, we should also proceed from the objective laws of heredity and mutation, and further realize the positive significance of physical exercise.

(4) The body composition analyzer machine analyzes that different natural geographic environments have different effects on the development and growth of the human body. For example, there is a significant difference in physical fitness between people living in plateau areas and plain areas. The obvious difference in morphological structure between the Eskimos living in the polar regions and the Africans living in the tropics is the result of their long-term adaptation to the natural environment.