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Company Profile

Company Profile

Focus on health monitoring from 2002, Tongfang Health Technology Co.,Ltd was listed in the market in 2015, stock code: 833151. It is an affiliated state-owned company wholly subordinate to Tongfang Group, which went public in 1997, stock code: 600100. 

With core body composition analyzing technology and over 500 patent rights, various international certifications as TUV medical CE, FDA, ISO 13485, ROHS, FCC etc., Tongfang Health is committed to being an industry leading enterprise.

The highest correlation with the international body composition medical criteria makes bodivis the brand stand for the highest accuracy.

bodivis mission ---- Safeguard the health of all human beings.  

bodivis Culture

  • Undertake

    Take on the responsibility of protecting human health
  • Explore

    Explore the way of business
  • Innovate

    Innovation for development and progress
  • Create

    Creation on product development and user experience
  • Our Mission

    Safeguard Your Health

bodivis History

  • 2002

    bodivis technology is built to safeguard the health of astronauts in non-gravity atmosphere.
  • 2003

    CSTF-2000 physique health test system was launched
  • 2004

    Physique test series products passed the National Sports Certification (NSCC)
  • 2005

    bodivis body composition analyzer won the highest honor Golden Crown Award at the first British International Invention Expo
  • 2006

    CSTF-3000 and CSTF-5000 physique health test systems was launchedThe first domestic body composition analyzer BCA-2A with eight electrodes, multi-frequency measurement and segment analysis function was launched.
  • 2007

    Obtained Medical Device Operating Enterprise LicenseBody composition analyzer passed the appraisal of the Ministry of Education
  • 2008

    Obtained Medical Device Manufacturing Enterprise LicenseBody composition analyzer obtained EU medical CE
  • 2009

    The body composition analyzer BCA-1A was launchedBody composition analyzer and physical fitness tester obtainedIndependent Innovation Product Certificate
  • 2011

    The body composition analyzer BCA-1C was launched
  • 2014

    The smart body fat scale H1 was launched and entered the domestic smart hardware market
  • 2015

    Tongfang Health ( bodivis ) was listed in the market, stock code: 833151
  • 2017

    The cumulative sales of smart body fat scale H1 exceeded 1 million units
  • 2018

    The elderly sarcopenia and fall risk assessment system was launched and entered the elderly medical and health market

bodivis Technology

Correlation with three medical criteria: DEXA, MRI and DLW

Bio-Impedance Analysis is used in measuring body composition and correlation with medical methods is often used to calibrate the body measurements. Though many companies use DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry), scientists from bodivis found that calibration by DEXA method is not perfect, as DEXA only applies to the measurement of bone mass, while it gives estimation on body fat, protein and body water content.

bodivis used DEXA method to calibrate bone mass, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to calibrate body fat and protein, DLW (Doubly Labeled Water) to calibrate the body water content. Combining all three criteria, we are able to develop an accurate statistical model for body composition measurement.

bodivis Technology
Countless high precision experiments are done before the launch of bodivis body composition analysis products. We are proud of getting the high correlation with the three criteria in world leading level.

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