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Smart Body Fat Scale Types

Smart Body Fat Scale FAQs

  • Q Is the bodivis smart body fat scale less accurate than bodivis body composition analyzer?

    The measuring result of bodivis smart body fat scale is quite close to body composition analyzer in medical level, the difference is less than 2%. It means bodivis body fat scale also has very high correlation with DEXA, MRI, and DLW, which is accurate enough for health monitoring at home.

  • Q What is the difference between bodivis body fat scale and the other cheaper ones?

    High accuracy, exquisite workmanship and spiritual design.

  • Q ​How can I share my testing result to my friends?

    bodivis app is connected with social medias as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It produces your complete testing report, which can be shared to your friends through picture or link easily.

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