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Fitness Guidance And Management Solutions

Professional Fitness Guidance and Management Solutions

Combining professional fitness assessment tools with fitness guidance tools and fitness club operation analysis tools, the company provides strong support and perfect services for the three links of new member development, old member loyalty and private education sales, and comprehensively solves the problems of member loss, lack of funds and lack of development.

body fat analyzer + club fitness management software

Advantages of bodivis fitness health monitor with APP

Although the number of gyms is growing rapidly, more people are looking forward to the rise of fitness APP. Body composition analyzer suppliers provide fitness health monitor with APP carries expectations because there are a lot of problems in gyms today, such as queuing up for equipment during peak hours due to recruiting too many members, refusing to transfer or refund cards, uneven coaches, and members who buy classes do not achieve the desired fitness results. 

With the emergence of fitness APP, compare with body fat scale without app, it will break the information asymmetry between fitness clubs and customers, effectively promote the development of fitness club industry, and believe that with the expansion of the scale of sports fitness people, more and more people will enter fitness clubs, and the prospect of the industry in the future is more optimistic. 

In addition, the fitness club itself should also take the initiative to change the current business model of the industry, provide more training courses, private education, healthy eating, outdoor activities and other modules with high added value, and rely less on membership to increase revenue. Gym with the use of APP, can increase customer stickiness.

Fully Improve the Visitor Membership Rate, Membership Renewal Rate, Private Trainer Signing Rate

  • Exercise risk assessment function

  • Disease warning and body shape prediction function

  • Reasonable formulation of fitness plan and meal plan, automatic generation of members fitness curve

  • Automatically generate exercise prescription and nutrition prescription

  • Detailed historical curves and statistical charts

  • Whole body muscle atlas and various computational tools

  • Fitness leaderboards and performance reviews