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  • Yong Eidiong T

    This scale is EVERYTHING! Before purchasing this particular scale, I did a lot of research. What sold me was the information it provides with the app telling you 21 of your body indexes. It shocked me when I saw if measured "protein".

  • Jenice J

    This is my first scale after many years! I love it! The setup is super simple and takes literally 5minutes to download the app, create an account, and start monitoring your data. It also lets you set goals and gives you what are considered ideal parameters.

  • Steven

    I'm very happy with this purchase. The bodivis app is super user friendly, all I did was scan the code and follow the step by step instructions. Make sure to calibrate before using ( its a really easy step ) Some of the features are that you can add different profiles for the family.

  • King Ali

    The accuracy is very high and don't change arbitrary if you measure your weight twice in a row like other cheap scales. The data provided by the app is very close to what I see during my visits to my fitness doctor.

  • Tracy

    Our family likes it so much. The App helps me to keep my weight on track. Very good quality!

  • Aaron W. Kosikowski

    I loved it! This was so easy to set up! I just started using it today but to see all the results is amazing! There is so much I can learn from the results and continue growing in my health journey!

  • Christopher

    This scale is amazing! I have fat calipers at home, and it matches the results I get on the calipers. Everything it weighs seems accurate so far and I love that I can sink it with my iPhone. So glad I bought this!!!

  • Andy

    I'm in love with this scale. It not only measures your weight, it also has 21 different measurements. My favorites are the metabolic age and muscle mass. All the information is transmitted to an bodivis app on your phone, it trully is amazing!

  • Serena

    I've had it for 3 days. So far I love it. Both my husband and I use it. The additional tracking of water, BMI, muscle mass, etc. is great. Especially when you have those days that you stay the same or go up but you feel better. Its easy to see when you are swapping out water or fat for muscle mass. Keeps you motivated. The set up was pretty easy. I have an iPhone and my husband an Android. It does recognize us as different people.