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bodivis BCA-2A Result Sheet Interpretation

bodivis BCA-2A Result Sheet Interpretation
  • Measures the rate of your four body compositions as fat, bone, protein and water. Displays the weight of total body water (intrecellular water and extracellular water), fat free mass and muscle. Body weight is the total of the three weights.  Edema index is calculated to evaluate you body water health index.

    • Body score: whole-picture evaluation of body fitness, a comprehensive calculation of multiple health data.

    • Body age is the physical condition of a person and it indicates the degree of growth, maturity or aging. 

    • Body composition: show composition data of patient’s body according to scientific 4C model. 

    • ICW/ECW: the intra/extra cellular water measurement data

    • Edema Index: evaluation of patient’s degree of edema, as an basis for medical prescriptions

    • Weight: body weight

    • Muscle: muscle tissue of the body

    • Body fat percentage: the proportion of body fat in the total body weight

    • Bone mass: the sum of bone minerals in the body, including bone and inorganic salts.

    • Total body water: water quantity in the body

    • Skeletal muscle mass: a type of muscle attached to bones, which indicates degree of mobility

    • Body mass index: international body measurement for fitness & obesity

    • Waist-to-hip ratio: WHR. It is the dimensionless ratio of the circumference of the waist to that of the hips. This factor shows position of fat accumulation.

    • Trunk fat mass: the mass of fat accumulated in trunk

    • Visceral fat index: the degree of fat accumulation in the abdominal cavity and the surface of each organ. 

    • Fatty liver risk degree: the risk of fatty liver, calculated from trunk fat mass

    • Muscle analysis:  analyzes the muscle balance between upper & lower limbs, between left & right limbs

    • Segmental analysis:Detailed segmental data of body fat, muscle mass and bone mass.

    • ASMI: Limb Skeletal Muscle Index, showing the level of body skeletal muscle balance.

    • Body type: show the relative level of body fat to BMI.

    • Weight management: show the gaps of body (weight, fat & muscle) to ideal values, helps doctor to make tailored plan.

  • Ideal weight number. Amount needed to be  gained or reduced on weight, fat and muscle.

  • Obesity analysis:

    • BMI grade: General evaluation on your body condition on a rough judgement from BMI.

    • Body fat evaluation

    • Waist-to-hip ratio evaluation

    Nutrition analysis:

    • Protein, fat, mineral body composition evaluation

    • Basal metabolic rate:  the number of calories required to keep your body functioning at rest.

    • Impedance values of body: provides raw data for scientific research