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The Role of Body Composition Analyzer in Muscle Gain Training

How to use body composition analyzer to grow muscles?

How are muscles formed and how to increase muscle content? What is the ratio of body fat to muscle? In the process of muscle growth, you can understand the content of your own muscles and fat through the detection results of the body composition analyzer.

In the process of exercise training, regularly check the body composition and use the body composition analyzer to evaluate the effect of exercise training on muscle growth, which can adjust the training plan in time.

If you want to grow muscles, you need to know how muscles grow first. During training, when muscles sustain stretching beyond the normal load, they will produce slight damage.

The damaged cells will produce a kind of cytokines to activate your immune system and repair the damage, and the more muscle tissue damage, the more self-repair the body will perform.

If you want to grow muscles, you need to bear more load than usual to damage muscle tissue and promote muscle repair and growth. This is the main reason why we need to exercise training. There are three very important factors during training: training movements, training volume, and progressive overload.

Body composition analyzer assists exercise training

For fitness beginners, it is sufficient to focus on the number of training sets or repetitions, and you don't need to add training weight. To gain muscles, the pressure applied to the muscles must be greater than the pressure the muscles can currently withstand.

Scientific research shows that training volume is a factor closely related to muscle growth, and there is even a linear relationship between the two. In other words, the greater the training volume, the better the muscle gain effect.

Before training, use the body composition analyzer to detect the basic state of the body, assist the coach or the tester to develop a muscle-building plan, and it is a scientific way of fitness.

Strength training and high protein intake can promote muscle growth and increase the rate of muscle growth. The more muscle mass in the human body, the higher the basal metabolism, and the higher the calories consumed every day.

Carbohydrates can also prevent the breakdown of protein in the body as an energy source to prevent muscle loss, which is also known as the "protective effect of protein".

To achieve the best muscle gain effect, the body weight must increase. By using the body composition analyzer, because muscles are also a part of body weight, if the body weight remains unchanged during muscle growth, it means that muscles are not growing.

When your calories are in a deficit state, the protein synthesis rate will decrease, and some hormones that help muscle growth will also decrease, which will lead to poor muscle gain effect.

When we are training, we are actually damaging muscle fibers, causing harm to the body, and giving the body a lot of pressure at the same time.

The problem is that the body cannot distinguish the type of pressure, whether it is pressure from training, work, life, or mental stress, it is all pressure for the body.

Everyone has a limited ability to withstand pressure. If the pressure is too great, the body's recovery will be more difficult.