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Are Body Composition Analyzers Reliable?

1. The principle of body composition analyzer

The body composition analyzer uses bioelectrical impedance analysis technology. In the measurement of human body impedance, the four-electrode method is often used, although the influence of contact impedance is reduced.

However, since only two electrodes are used as test terminals at the same time, the impedance of the human body at the hands and feet cannot be measured, which makes the overall test result of analysis of body composition too large;

Moreover, since each electrode shares a current electrode and a voltage electrode, the voltage and current inevitably interfere with each other during the measurement process. Both of the above factors will increase the systematic error.

2. The body composition analyzer test data

The physical examination center can use it to detect the basic state of the body, analyze and evaluate the tester's body nutrient absorption state, metabolic level, body shape, and muscle fat content;

Nursing homes use it to screen the health of the convalescent population; gyms use body composition analyzers to detect trainers' muscle and fat content, and provide data assistance to trainers' training programs.

3. Error analysis of body composition analyzer

The most accurate body composition analyzers today are devices that use multi-frequency detection, eight contact electrodes, all made of stainless steel, and two separate electrodes used as current electrodes in the left and right measurement loops.

The voltage and current electrodes are used independently and are not reused, which can ensure that the voltage and current do not interfere with each other during the body composition analysis and measurement process;

In a measurement loop, there are four test electrodes working at the same time, which can not only measure the accurate body impedance, but also measure the body impedance and contact impedance of the hands and feet, which greatly improves the repeatability and accuracy of the test results.

4. Body composition analyzer to detect basal metabolism

Basal metabolism refers to the minimum energy requirements for all organs of the human body to sustain life. Basal state refers to the state in which a person is awake and very quiet, unaffected by factors such as muscle activity, ambient temperature, food, and mental stress.

Basal metabolism is the most basic energy consumption to maintain the body's life activities. The energy consumption of basal metabolism is an important part of human energy consumption and an important basis for studying human energy consumption and energy demand. The body's basal metabolism can be detected and evaluated using a body composition analyzer.

Basal metabolic rate refers to the energy metabolism rate of the body when awake, extremely quiet, and not affected by muscle movement, ambient temperature, nervous tension, and food.

Lie down for about half an hour at room temperature of 20°C. The normal value of basal metabolic rate is ±10%, +20%~+30% is mild hyperthyroidism, +30%~+60% is moderate hyperthyroidism, and basal metabolic rate is greater than +60% is severe hyperthyroidism.

The body composition analyzer detects the content of the body's basal metabolism by comprehensively evaluating the body's energy consumption and other data.