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Is the Data of the Home Smart Body Fat Scale Calculated?

Some people consider that the data of the smart home body fat scale are all calculated, which is not accurate. You may have seen this statement. Is the data of the smart body fat scale calculated? Does this sentence make sense? We still have to look at the principle of the smart body fat scale.

Ⅰ. Measuring principle of smart body fat scale: bioelectrical impedance method

1. In recent years, the intelligent body fat scales developed and upgraded generally adopt the whole-body bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) for body composition analysis and body fat rate measurement. Body composition analysis is performed by detecting the bio-impedance generated when alternating current passes through a living body.

2. The measurement of the home smart body fat scale (hereinafter mainly refers to the four-electrode body fat scale) is to measure the body fat rate of the lower body after the two lower limbs are in contact with the electrodes to form a current loop. Assuming that the human body is a uniform cylindrical volume conductor, the impedance value is calculated, and then the measured impedance value is substituted into the established mathematical equation model to perform body composition analysis and calculation. That is to say, the intelligent body fat scale first measures the impedance, and then calculates the body fat percentage, body moisture, protein and other data.

Ⅱ. The BIA measurement method of the smart body fat scale has certain limitations

1. When substituting the measured impedance value into the established mathematical equation model to calculate body composition, the mathematical equation model requires parameters. Because humans have obvious group specificity, that is, there are large differences in body shape between different races, and the four-electrode home smart body fat scale cannot accurately measure the whole body impedance, which leads to the need to adjust the parameters in time.

2. In order to adapt to this difference, researchers have constructed a number of BIA calibration equation models for smart body fat scales by collecting data from a large sample of people. Body composition analyzer manufacturers always require the user fills in basic body information such as age, gender, and height before using the smart body fat scale in order to match a more reasonable calibration equation and obtain a more accurate body fat rate. This is an effective means to ensure the accuracy of measurement data on the basis of four electrodes. The larger the sample data, the more accurate the measurement. In fact, with the current body fat measurement technology in the world, it is very tedious and difficult to measure body data accurately and accurately.

Ⅲ. Pay attention to the amount of change in the home smart body fat scale

1. There is a changing trend, which can prove that exercise and fitness are effective. In addition, the use scene of the smart healthkeep body fat scale is positioned in the home. It weighs anytime and anywhere, and the reference value of the data, the convenience and accuracy of obtaining the data are very high.

2. The smart home body fat scale is an upgrade and optimization of a family weight scale with a single function. Connecting to the mobile phone APP, intelligently recording each measurement data, can achieve long-term curve observation of body indicators, which is an absolute advantage compared to traditional weight scales.

In general, the body fat rate data is indeed indirectly calculated through the measured bioimpedance, but it is also based on evidence. Moreover, in order to improve the accuracy of the data, a more effective solution under certain conditions is also provided. The most important thing is that the amount of data change provided by the smart body fat scale does have a reference value that cannot be ignored for fitness and fat reduction.