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The Importance of Analysis of Body Composition in Nutrition Monitoring

In clinical work, various diseases are often accompanied by malnutrition, which poses a certain threat to the patient's physical condition. This change is mostly a long-term slow process. It is not just a matter that can be solved by the observation and evaluation of medical staff. A tool or instrument that can accurately and objectively evaluate nutritional status, the body composition analyzer is needed.

1. The analysis of body composition: BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Method)

(1) BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Method) has good application value in further nutritional assessment and monitoring, especially in the calculation and analysis of body composition, and is a clinically practical method. And the bioimpedance analysis machine is applied. Now BIA has been widely used in China for long-term monitoring of the body composition of malnourished patients.

(2) Through the analysis of body composition, the relationship between body water and nutritional status of peritoneal dialysis patients can be determined, and the distribution and characteristics of fat in the patient's body can be understood to provide relevant guidance for clinical nutritional care; patients' body fat should be controlled primarily during the first year after dialysis. While paying attention to the nutritional status of the patient, we should notice that excessive accumulation of fat should also be avoided.

2. Apply BIA to do the analysis of body composition of patients with liver disease

The influence of weight gain such as edema and ascites on the measurement can be ruled out. In addition, the distribution of water can be determined, which is helpful for accurately assessing the patient's nutritional and metabolic status. In the study of domestic nursing staff using bioelectrical impedance to analyze the body composition of perimenopausal women, it was confirmed that BIA is very simple and safe, and is easy to be widely accepted by perimenopausal women. It can not only guide the perimenopausal women to formulate a reasonable diet plan, increase calcium and water intake, but also play a role in urging them to take regular aerobic exercises to enhance resistance and immunity to prevent diseases.

3. The role of body composition analyser in monitoring the nutritional status of severely burned patients

The body composition analyser machine can be used in monitoring the nutritional status of severely burned patients. The bioelectrical impedance analysis method can also be used in the field. Even if enough nutrients are added in time during treatment, the patient's body tissue is still decreasing; and among the many current methods for assessing nutritional status, BIA can quickly determine early malnutrition.

4. The analysis of body composition in the process of tumour treatment

Because of the impacts of advanced cancer or chemotherapy, radiotherapy, nutritional status to a certain extent directly determines the survival of the disease. In the same way, BIA is very useful in the treatment and care of tumors. Using BIA body composition analyzer to measure the body composition of tumour patients can diagnose cancer cachexia in time, and can help us more intuitively understand whether the patient is malnourished, and formulate a suitable care plan as soon as possible, thereby enhancing the patient's resistance to chemotherapy and other injuries and improve the care plan and reduce complications.