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Features of the Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

The smart body fat scale is a product that can detect the body fat rate. Its function is actually very simple, with weighing, recording, and the most important function is to measure the fat in the human body.

The measurement principle is also very simple. When we stand barefoot on the smart body fat scale, a weak current will pass through our skin. According to the principle that the fat inside the body does not conduct electricity, and the water in the body conducts electricity, an effective resistance value is detected.

The body fat scale can be measured according to our age, gender, height and other data by bringing it into the big data sample model. And this kind of weak current will not cause any harm to the human body, so don't worry.

Ⅰ. Introduction of smart bluetooth body fat scale

The smart body fat scale can test the user's body fat and BMI parameters, as well as the user's heartbeat and air quality. It can be connected to the analytical scale through the mobile phone APP.

A profile can also be established for the user's weight, fat data, metabolism and heart rate changes, and smart body fat scales help us manage our physical health.

The smart body fat scale uses BIA bioelectrical impedance technology. Users only need one measurement to know the body's fat rate, water rate, basal metabolic rate, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, BMI, weight, and body score, age and other eleven physical data, a more comprehensive understanding of your physical condition, so that you can make targeted adjustments and improvements in a timely manner.

If the fat is too high, the smart Bluetooth body fat scale will remind the user to exercise more, and reduce the fat content. If it detects that the protein content in the user's body is too high, it can analyze your dietary pattern and then remind you to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Ⅱ. Functions and features of smart body fat scale

1. Accurate detection and accurate induction

The measurement result of the smart body fat scale can be accurate to 0.1 kg. If the user eats an extra piece of cake or drinks a few sips of water, it can detect it, which is very accurate.

This high-precision measurement is simply too beneficial for many beauty lovers or fitness plan users. With a smart body fat scale, you can easily complete your fitness plan, create a wonderful body, and shape a beautiful shape.

The smart body fat scale is also very helpful for sports weight loss and shaping. It can accurately monitor the body fat rate, water content, body mass index and other data in the user's body, and can also synchronize the data of the smart sports bracelet, which is more convenient. 

2. Smart body fat scale: accurate induction

High-performance smart chip, accurate measurement, efficient and durable, intelligent APP monitoring, providing health guidance and advice.

For people who have been exercising, exercising, or maintaining a good figure for a long time, how can they enjoy taking photos in the circle of friends? The smart body fat scale APP monitoring can let you know the changes in your body.

According to the user's measurement data, it will help you provide healthy guidance suggestions, such as exercise recommendations and dietary guidance, and for fitness people, it can also help you customize fitness programs.

3. Curve record

The smart bluetooth body fat scale records your body changes for a long time, curve data analysis, and weight changes at a glance. It's a boon for girls who want to get the perfect figure.

4. Network cloud data connection

Open the APP of the smart body fat scale, scan the QR code on the smart body fat scale, and connect in real time through the Internet to read the relevant data of the smart body fat scale.

5. Body fat scale data monitoring

After using the smart body fat scale through the connected APP, the APP will display body data such as weight, protein, body fat rate, basal metabolism, water content and so on.

6. APP switch function

By switching on and off the body fat scale APP, you can set the weight measurement method for different groups of people.

7. Recording of body fat data

After the user finishes weighing every day, the data will be recorded on the body fat scale, and the graph of the body weight change and the daily average data such as weight loss and fat loss will be automatically generated at a glance. You can fully understand your body fat status.

8. Automatic switch machine

Intelligent gravity induction, the scale is automatically turned on when the scale is placed, and the intelligent body fat scale is automatically shut down after the scale is placed.

The body fat scale is only an auxiliary product for judging health and cannot monitor your physical health. Maintaining a healthy body requires regular life and exercise every day. The body fat scale only tells the general situation of your body.