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People pay more and more attention to health. Advanced body composition analysis has its own mobile phone APP. No matter it is a series of auxiliary functions, such as weight change record, slimming action guidance, exercise step calculation and so on, care health monitor full can be carried out in one-button operation of mobile phone to provide you with health monitoring solutions. Composition and body weight analyzer has become a health assistant for family life, a health manual for family members, and even a platform for sharing health with friends.

  • Slimming Industry Solution

    Slimming Industry Solution

    Body slimming solutionsThe body fat analyzer designed specifically for the beauty spa and customer-centered body management software tests the human body's 9 major indicators: fat, body water, protein, bone mass, waist-hip ratio, basal metabolic rate, visceral fat index, body mass index, body age.
  • Fitness Guidance And Management Solutions

    Fitness Guidance And Management Solutions

    Professional fitness guidance and management solutions combining professional fitness assessment tools with fitness guidance tools and fitness club operation analysis tools, the company provides strong support and perfect services for the three links of new member development.
  • Personal Health Management Solution

    Personal Health Management Solution

    Personal health management planUse bodivis home-use smart scale to monitor body composition every day. Check body composition report on your cell phone and get tailored nutrition & exercise advice.
  • Medical Industry Solution

    Medical Industry Solution

    Medical industry solutions - human body composition measurement and analysis solutionsBIA method (bioelectrical impedance) is the most simple and effective method to measure the fat, protein, body water, and bone mass of human body.