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Smart Body Fat Scale: A New Era of Intelligent Health Begins

In the international community, BMI (Body Mass Index), also known as the Quetelet index, is a commonly used standard for measuring body fatness and whether or not one's weight is healthy. According to the formula (BMI equals weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared), you can easily calculate your BMI index and understand your body fat percentage, and engage in targeted activities.

Fat measuring instruments use the principle of fat not conducting electricity to measure body resistance through a weak current that flows through the hands and feet in order to determine body fat percentage. The human body contains water at a rate of about 70%, and the vast majority of these fluids exist in the blood, muscles, and viscera. The fat content of the body is extremely low, whereas body components such as muscles and water are easily conductive, so body fat detectors can calculate the ratio of body fat, water content, and other tissue components by measuring the body's bioelectric impedance.

As people become more health-conscious, many families have purchased smart health devices to monitor their physical condition at all times. Currently, most consumer-grade body fat measurement devices available on the market are body fat scales, and bluetooth body fat scales use the bioelectric impedance method. The tiny current that flows through the human body is so weak that there is no sense of stimulation, and it is very safe for the human body.

How does the buletooth body fat scale accurately calculate Body Mass Index?

A body fat scale is a weighing device that can measure body weight as well as body fat, water content, muscle, protein, and so on. The principle of a buletooth body fat scale is to combine the measurement results with data such as height and weight, based on the human body's mathematical model, to obtain basic component data composing the human body. However, human body component data varies significantly by ethnicity, region, etc. Only by establishing a human-based mathematical model can measurement results avoid deviation.

The smart buletooth body fat scale evaluates various body data

Keep in mind that weight loss is not the same as fat loss, and many smart body fat scales on the market today can provide in-depth analysis and scientific guidance targeting core body data. Thus, you can have a quicker and more accurate understanding of your physical health condition. With a customizable personal exercise plan based on your exercise habits and physical condition, you can easily see how to lose fat and shape up. Furthermore, by connecting to a smartphone app that matches your smart buletooth body fat scale, you can view your physical condition in the app, and provide a tailored plan of dietary and exercise, making fitness and weight loss simple.

The smart buletooth body fat scale can analyze your body age and score, providing you with the motivation to engage in reasonable exercise activities every day. By viewing the automatically recorded data in the smartphone app at any time and anywhere, you can see a clear picture of your transformation.