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Slimming Industry Solution

The body fat analyzer designed specifically for the beauty spa and customer-centered body management software tests the human body's 9 major indicators: fat, body water, protein, bone mass, waist-hip ratio, basal metabolic rate, visceral fat index, body mass index, body age.

Bodivis body fat analyzer brings 5 big benefits for beauty shops

  • Let the customers who come to the store for the first time know their own body age, body type and health score, and predict the possible problems of customers' body in the next three years, to enhance the urgency of losing weight for customers.

  • According to the customer's physical condition, to specify the feasible weight loss plan for the customer.

  • Monitor the whole process of customers' weight loss and adjust the weight loss plan appropriately.

  • According to the comparison of the data before and after weight loss, prove the weight loss effect of customers onsite.

  • Reasonably recommend weight-loss products to customers.

Fitness and body fat analyzer

Body fat rate refers to the proportion of body fat weight in the overall body weight, also known as body fat percentage, which reflects the amount of fat content in the body. Obesity increases the risk of various diseases. For example, high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and so on. Women who plan to get pregnant cannot ignore the risk of pregnancy complications and dystocia caused by obesity. Bioimpedance analysis machine can also be used in fitness mangemant for more accurate data measurement and planning.

The normal range of body fat rate for adults is 20%-25% for women and 15%-18% for men. If the body fat rate is too high, the body weight is more than 20% of the normal value can be considered obese. The body fat rate of athletes can be determined by sports. Generally speaking, it is 7% 15% for male athletes and 12% Mel 25% for female athletes.

Diet therapy and exercise therapy should be taken at the same time to lose weight, reduce calorie intake, increase calorie consumption through exercise, and achieve the effect of weight loss. No exercise only rely on dieting to lose weight, will only reduce muscle rather than fat, but will also reduce the basic metabolism, easy to regain weight.