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Applications and Four Major Features of Body Composition Analyzer Machine

Ⅰ. Applications of body composition analyzer machine

1. As people pay more and more attention to their health, many learn to understand their own body index. Various health indexes can be measured with a body composition analyzer machine. It is a device that can measure the body composition health index. It is composed of a professional tester host, professional consulting management software, colour printing A/B type machine, etc. It adopts the BIA bioimpedance detection technology used at home and abroad. It is based on the new DXA method statistics to perform a full body analysis to obtain various health indexes, which can effectively indicate the physical health of the test person. Now it is widely used in internal medicine, surgery, paediatrics, obstetrics, intensive care, rehabilitation, sports medicine and cosmetology.

2. Because the body composition analyzer machine can measure most of the body index, the application field of the body composition analyzer machine is not only suitable for major hospitals, but also sports scientific research, geriatrics, training bases, rehabilitation medicine, fitness and fitness, and clinics. Medicine, sports medicine, medical examination, national physique monitoring, body health medicine, judge the physical condition of the testee from various angles, so as to conduct comprehensive exercises based on the analysis of body composition to improve physical fitness.

Ⅱ. The functional characteristics of the body composition analyzer machine

1. The professional body composition analyzer machine is faithful to the basic technology development

As a standard body composition analyzer machine, it monitors body fat and muscle changes and analyzes changes in body composition structure, and provides users with more abundant service items through DXA measurement technology.

2. The body composition analyzer machine has passed the assessment of body moisture balance and grasped the health status

After analyzing the results of multiple measurements, it can be used as reference data for evaluating the body's water balance, which can be used in the field of accurately diagnosing health problems by evaluating the body's water state.

3. Body composition analyzer machine can view segmental muscle mass in real-time

Through the body composition analyzer equipment screen, the segmental muscle mass can be viewed in real-time. This function is suitable for professional athletes or rehabilitation patients who need to increase muscle mass in specific parts or need to improve muscle strength, and it is helpful to evaluate the effect of exercise or rehabilitation.

4. The bioelectrical impedance analysis machine supports Bluetooth and can be connected to a variety of external devices

The measurement data can be transmitted to mobile terminals such as smartphones or tablets through the Bluetooth function on the device. When the mobile device is in the Bluetooth-enabled state for measurement, the result will be sent to the mobile device immediately after the measurement is completed, and the measurement data can be saved and managed without scanning the QR code or printing the report paper.

The body composition analyzer monitors changes in body fat and muscle mass and confirms changes in body composition structure and provides information on body conditions such as obesity, oedema, and nutritional status.

The above is the relevant introduction about the application range and functional characteristics of the body composition analyzer machine for your reference!