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Functional Classification of Body Composition Analyzers

Ⅰ. Diagnostic and preventive functions of body composition analyser machines

It can be used for routine physical examination; predict the risk of cardiovascular disease; prompt the degree of body edema, and provide further examination and treatment basis for heart and kidney function; monitor the mineral content, predict the risk of osteoporosis.

Ⅱ. The function of body composition analyser machine to monitor changes in body composition

It can be used for obesity treatment, rehabilitation, physical therapy, before and after physical exercise, and the determination of changes in body composition during nutritional therapy, especially changes in fat and muscle.

We all know that the human body is made up of many components, such as muscle to support the body's ability to exercise, fat to store excess energy, minerals to maintain strong bones, and water, an important component of the human body.

Each component of the human body develops in a balanced manner and the proportion is appropriate to make the body healthier. If the content or distribution of a certain component is not balanced, it may be related to a certain disease, so the professional body composition analyser machine is suitable for a wide range of diseases and people.

Ⅲ. Who is suitable for the detection of body composition analyser machine?

1. People who need health management: Regular body composition testing can timely understand the values of water, muscle, fat, body fat percentage, visceral fat and other values in the body, and carry out nutritional intervention for people with high incidence of chronic diseases, thereby reducing the occurrence of chronic diseases.

2. Obese people: BMI, body fat percentage, waist-to-hip ratio, and visceral fat area measured by a professional body composition analyser machine can accurately diagnose obesity, determine invisible obesity, abdominal obesity and visceral fat type obesity, and reduce the missed diagnosis of obesity. Rate.

3. Middle-aged and elderly people: Bone mineral content (BMC) can be used to evaluate bone mineral content and muscle mass, which is helpful for the preliminary screening of osteoporosis.

4. Diabetic population: segmental measurement of human muscle content, especially lower extremity muscle mass, has a great correlation with the prevalence of diabetes. In addition, segmental measurement of body fat content can be used to determine whether there is abdominal obesity and to better predict the occurrence of diabetes.

5. People with liver disease: Through the body composition analyser machine, the phase angle or the amount of somatic cells can be provided to analyze the degree of malnutrition in patients with liver cirrhosis. In addition, the state and severity of edema in patients with cirrhosis can be assessed by the ratio of extracellular water.

6. People on hemodialysis: Using the body composition analyser machine, it is possible to confirm whether the water inside and outside the human body reaches the equilibrium standard through the ratio of extracellular water after hemodialysis.

7. Rehabilitation population: The muscle mass provided by the body composition test has a wide range of applications, and objective data can be used to confirm the changes in muscle mass increased while body fat is reduced through aerobic exercise and strength training.

8. Pregnant women: Monitor the basal metabolic rate of pregnant women through a professional body composition analyser machine, provide professional nutrition dietary analysis guidance during pregnancy, formulate weight control guidance curves, and regularly monitor weight growth.

And carry out scientific control to prevent gestational diabetes, etc., while reducing the incidence of pregnancy diseases caused by nutritional imbalance and the birth rate of macrosomia, low birth weight, and deformed children.

9. Malnourished people: measure the basal metabolic rate, accurately determine the calories needed by the patient, and give an individualized nutritional treatment plan more accurately.

It should be reminded that the above test population requires an age range of 3-99 years old, a height range of 2375px-5500px, and a weight range of 10-250kg.

If there are metal objects or pacemakers in the body, it is forbidden to use a body composition analyser machine to detect.