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Body Composition Analysis Sees Through Your Figure

Although I eat very little and sweat profusely on the treadmill every day, why is my weight as steady as Mount Tai? Why do I look fatter than her even though we weigh about the same and have similar heights? I don't appear overweight, so why did my physical examination show fatty liver and the doctor recommend that I lose weight? Don't worry, there is a type of examination that can analyze the human body's health status in detail, better than we understand ourselves, and even has professional doctors to develop diet and exercise plans!

What is human body composition analysis?

The body composition analyzer machine uses the bioelectrical impedance analysis method to measure the human body's electrical resistance, and uses the individual's personal information (height, age, gender, weight) to provide body fat mass, body fat percentage, lean body mass, muscle mass, body water, protein, inorganic salt and other human components. It analyzes body mass index, obesity degree, body shape, adjustment value, basal metabolic rate, total energy consumption, and comprehensively evaluates the human body's health status. It can provide scientific basis for predicting risks of multiple common chronic diseases, nutritional status, weight control, weight loss, fitness, etc. It is convenient, fast, and non-invasive. It provides a scientific and comprehensive basis for doctors to diagnose patients' health conditions, and is a "good helper" for clinical treatment and health management.

Who are suitable for human body composition analysis?

People who require health management

Regular human body composition tests can quickly obtain values such as body water, muscle, fat, body fat percentage, and visceral fat in the body, and carry out nutritional interventions for people at high risk of chronic diseases, thus reducing the incidence of chronic diseases.

Obese people

By measuring BMI, body fat percentage, waist-to-hip ratio, and visceral fat area with the body composition analyzer machine, obesity can be accurately diagnosed, hidden obesity, abdominal obesity, and visceral fat obesity can be identified, and the misdiagnosis rate can be reduced. It also provides a comprehensive and effective basis for doctors to diagnose patients' health conditions and develop health management plans.

People who are preparing for pregnancy, pregnant, and postpartum

During pregnancy, human body composition analysis can intuitively reflect the value of weight gain during pregnancy and the normal range of growth for that week. Monitoring diet and weight gain can provide reasonable dietary guidance for fetal growth, and regulate the nutrition of pregnant women. For postpartum people, it can analyze their obesity type and develop a health management plan.

Middle-aged and elderly people

By evaluating bone mineral content (BMC), it helps to evaluate bone mineral content and muscle mass, which is helpful for preliminary screening of osteoporosis.

Children and adolescents

The body composition analyzer machine can be used for regular physical examinations and provide professional nutritional guidance based on body composition data.