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Body Composition Analyzer Helps You Get Rid of Body Anxiety

1. The body composition analyzer can change the troubles of body anxiety

People with body anxiety need to know that their state is unhealthy. First of all, you have to have a serious dialogue with your heart: "Why do I have body anxiety?".

Use the body composition analyzer to detect the physical state and evaluate whether your body shape is healthy. This is the first step for Bioto to worry about the body.

Most of women's body anxiety comes from social evaluation and self-determination. Insufficient awareness and acceptance, a crisis of self-existence - of course, in the final analysis, it is caused by social reasons.

For example, you will be laughed at because you are too fat, or your breasts are small, or your legs are thick. You will affect your marriage and love and even your career choice because you think you are "not beautiful enough".

It's a very real problem with a long history, tied to society's respect for women, and while men may have concerns about appearance too, in contrast to the ubiquity of potbellies, they often see it as a sign of imposing manner.

2. You must correctly use the body composition analyzer to measure your figure

Perfect measurements are a beautiful wish, but the reality is likely to backfire, we must accept and respect our body's "factory settings" - it is because of these imperfect factory settings that we are unique, not another "he" By"!

The body composition analyzer reminds you that a perfect body does not exist, so don't be overly anxious about your body condition.

But just because it's not perfect doesn't mean it can't be adjusted. In fact, any number has room for adjustment. And: you never lack the "beauty" gene, but you lack the opportunity or motivation to look for it!

For example: the legs are not long enough, but by improving the "false hip width" and knee buckle problems, it can visually "stretch" the legs.

Another example: through acquired exercise and diet adjustment, you can reduce the fat in the waist and abdomen, make the lower abdomen flat from a "drum", and the waistline change from a barrel shape to an S shape, etc.

This change is actually not necessary for you to run 10 kilometers a day, you can do it with only one or two meals a day. Make some small changes, stick to it for a month or two, and you can see obvious results.

Don't forget: the change of body shape is the reduction of body fat on the one hand, and the tightening of muscle strength on the other hand.

The body composition analyzer has obvious data differences after the physical condition changes. The latter's role in body regulation often brings you unexpected results.