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Test Data from Body Composition Analyzer Show that Obesity Is Linked to Increased Diabetes Risk

Diabetes is a common endocrine metabolic disease, among which type 2 diabetes is the most prevalent. With increasing incidence rate, type 2 diabetes seriously threatens people's lives today. According to statistics, an estimated 113.9 million adults have diabetes in China, with  overweight or obese people making up 65% of the cases, about 74.4 million, which indicates obviously that obese people are at increased diabetes risk. Why is this?

Ⅰ. Test data from the body composition analyser machine

1. Test data from body composition analyser machine show that high fat content is highly associated with the visceral function. The first step to figure out the reason why people suffer from diabetes is to understand the cause of it. Diabetes is known as metabolic disease characterized by high blood sugar level. Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes mellitus, resulting from failure of insulin to effectively inhibit blood sugar production.

2. Analysis of body composition analyser machine show that the blood glucose of normal people will rise temporarily for a period of time after eating and insulin will be secreted in response to high level of glucose. The insulin receptor will store excess glucose and inhibit glucose production to reduce glucose level to normal. However, due to poor effects of insulin, many cases with type 2 diabetic fail to inhibit glucose production, or convert and store most of the excess glucose, leading to high glucose and glucose loss.

3. The body composition analyzer can detect body fat content. The evaluation in terms of fat content, height, weight and other composition can assist in judging the obesity degree or tendency of the testers and their weight management.

Ⅱ. Test data from the body composition analyser machine for obese people

1. One of the main reasons for high blood glucose in obese people is that there are more fat cells with a relatively fixed number of insulin receptors. According to the analysis of bia body composition analyzer, the receptors are insufficient as fat cells increase, resulting in reduced insulin sensitivity to blood glucose. In this condition, the islets begin to speed up the release of insulin without a break until they are completely exhausted with functional failure. As the islets fail to control the glucose accumulation in the blood, the diabetes occurs.

2. In addition, lack of physical activity and frequently overeating do harm to the endocrine metabolic system and are prone to increase blood glucose, according to the analysis of body composition data. Even if all body functions are performed well at the very beginning, the metabolic system will be overburdened after a prolonged period of time, eventually developing diabetes, fatty liver, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other diseases.

3. Fundamentally, diabetes is partly inherited and caused by genetics and also has much to do with personal lifestyle factors. The two habits, lack of exercising and overeating not only make the body fat, but also make people prone to various diseases. Data from Body Composition Analyzer indicate that people aged 40 and over are facing higher risk of disease for their body functions are going worse.

Look, are you still hesitate to lose weight? You should know that losing weight is not only to make you more attractive, but also reduce your body burden and live a healthier life. The body composition analyzer can help you to detect your weight changes and adjust the weight loss plan on a regular basis.