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How to Connect Body Fat Scale to Mobile Phone Bluetooth

Ⅰ. How to connect the smart bluetooth body fat scale to the mobile phone bluetooth?

1. First, you need to download the body fat scale app in the official mobile phone application store, you can download it according to the instructions of the body fat scale manual;

2. Place the smart body fat scale on a flat floor and let the body fat scale automatically reset to zero;

3. After opening the app about the body fat scale, you will be prompted to bind the device interface, click the "Bind Device" button;

4. Then turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, and then put the mobile phone close to the smart body fat scale;

5. Then according to the prompt, step on the device with your foot to activate the device;

6. When the light on the device lights up, it means the activation is successful, click "Bind";

7. Finally, stand on the body fat scale for 3 seconds to realize the connection and pairing of the mobile phone and the body fat scale device.

After the pairing is successful, you can create a user according to the system prompts, click the "Add Member" button, enter the name, height, date of birth, etc. according to the actual situation on the page of adding a member, and then click "Finish" to add successfully.

After clicking on the "Scale" and standing on the body fat scale, you can see a number of body indicators on your mobile phone.

Ⅱ. Is the data of the smart Bluetooth body fat scale really useful?

At present, the mainstream smart body fat scales in the market have exquisite appearance and workmanship. The body is made of tempered glass + plastic material. Some of them use ABS plastic material in order to pursue the lightness of the body.

Today, most of the smart body fat scales are connected to smartphones. Before use, users can download the relevant APP by scanning the QR code in the package.

Generally speaking, mainstream brands of smart body fat scales have apps that support iOS and Android systems respectively. After the download and installation is complete, first activate the body fat scale. The activation method is very simple. Put the battery into the body fat scale (some body fat scales are charged through USB). After placing the device smoothly, you can activate it by stepping on the scale.

After activation + Bluetooth connection to the mobile phone, the APP will prompt the user to register and enter personal information, including gender, height, age, etc.

The test found that after an adult uses the smart body fat scale, the weight can be displayed in about 4 to 5 seconds. After the weight is displayed, the smart body fat scale will display the body fat rate in about 5 seconds. You can see a series of data such as weight, body fat rate, BMI, etc. on the mobile APP.

Under normal circumstances, the mainstream smart body fat scales have little error in the weight data. As for the body fat rate, it is recommended that users are for reference only.

The test found that if you measure before drinking water and after drinking a lot of water, the body fat rate measured by the smart body fat scale will also change accordingly, and the value will not be large. Some smart body fat scales will remind users that the above data is for reference and cannot be used as medical credentials.

For this type of smart device as a body "management", the industry suggests that consumers can use it to understand their basic physical condition on a daily basis, and the analysis data of the smart Bluetooth body fat scale APP is only useful for exercise and diet reference.