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Things You Must Know About Body Composition Analyzers

Overview of body composition analyser

1. Body composition is a way of breaking down the body into its core components: fat, protein, minerals and body water. Compared with traditional methods, it can describe your weight more accurately and better understand your overall health. The body composition analyser is research-grade body composition and health analyzer. It surpasses the traditional body composition analysis and studies moisture, inflammation and other important health indicators in more depth.

2. The analysis of body composition describes what the body is made of, and can distinguish body water, protein, minerals and fat so as to provide more accurate information in addition to body weight and BMI. More importantly, a body composition analyser can accurately show changes in fat mass, muscle mass, and body fat percentage.

Why is the analysis of body composition important?

1. Most diet and fitness goals focus on losing or gaining weight, ignoring that two people of the same gender and weight may look completely different because they have different body compositions. Body composition describes the amount of fat, bone, water, and muscle in the body. The body composition analyser measuring your body composition tells you the unique makeup of your own body and helps you identify areas where you need to work to improve your overall health.

2. The bca body composition analysis of body composition is a method of describing the composition of your body that distinguishes fat, protein, minerals and water in order to give you an idea of your health status.

Methods of body composition analysis

1. The DEXA method is the most accurate method for measuring bone mass.

2. MRI is the most accurate method for measuring fat and protein.

3. IDMS is the most accurate method of measuring water.

4. Our body composition analyser could accurately measure all four components - bone mass, fat mass, protein mass and water volume. The BIA method measures the mass of body components depending on their electrical conductivity. For example, fat, which is a fluid substance and is a poor conductor of electricity, will have a high impedance; fluid, which is a good conductor of electricity, will have a low impedance. Muscle will have a relatively low impedance and bone will have a relatively high impedance.

5. Our health monitor body fat analyzer also uses a multi-electrode, multi-loop approach to measure the bose composition by running a micro-electric current through six channels in the body. More importantly, we use multi-frequency methods because low-frequency current passes through the body in a different way than high-frequency current. Low frequencies flow through external water, unable to penetrate cell walls. The higher frequency will measure the amount of water inside the cell because it can penetrate the cell wall. Therefore, by using a different set of frequencies, we can flow exactly inside and outside the cell. So our body composition analyser is the most accurate triple calibration method - DEXA, MRI and IDMS.

Why do we need the analysis of body composition?

1. The BMI approach is outdated. Body mass index (BMI) is a commonly used measure that assesses a person's health by comparing their weight to their height. In the most basic sense, BMI may help identify people who are at high health risk for storing too much fat. Despite its widespread clinical use, BMI still has many limitations and is not an effective tool for tracking weight changes because it cannot determine whether specific changes are in fat or muscle. Professional body composition analyser can get results other than BMI.

2. This is because BMI is calculated by dividing a person's weight (kg) by their height: BMI=kg/m². Using a single value (such as BMI) to predict health or mortality can oversimplify health risks and lead to the omission of important health factors. Focus on body fat percentage. For ordinary people, there is no consensus on the optimal level of body fat for health (optimal fat storage by minimizing the risk of ill health/condition).

3. Tongfang can provide you with a body composition analyser at a favourable price to help you perform body fat analysis and maintain optimal body fat levels that are beneficial to your health (optimal fat storage for health by minimizing the risk of health condition/ill condition).