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bodivis technology starts from early 2002. The original intention of this core technology is to monitor the body composition of astronauts and protect their safety in space. Focus on body composition analysis and health monitor body fat analyzer for nearly 20 years, bodivis has developed two main product lines, body composition analyzer and smart body fat scale

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  • This scale is EVERYTHING! Before purchasing this particular scale, I did a lot of research. What sold me was the information it provides with the app telling you 21 of your body indexes. It shocked me when I saw if measured "protein".

    Yong Eidiong T

    Yong Eidiong T

  • This is my first scale after many years! I love it! The setup is super simple and takes literally 5minutes to download the app, create an account, and start monitoring your data. It also lets you set goals and gives you what are considered ideal parameters.

    Jenice J

    Jenice J

  • I'm very happy with this purchase. The bodivis app is super user friendly, all I did was scan the code and follow the step by step instructions. Make sure to calibrate before using ( its a really easy step ) Some of the features are that you can add different profiles for the family.




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Why choose bodivis ?

Technical team leading by professor Xiuyuan Zheng, pioneer of body composition analysis in the world, who successfully simulated the body composition of space astronauts in 2002, safeguarded the health of astronauts in non-gravity atmosphere.

The highest correlation with international body composition medical criteria makes bodivis the brand stand for the highest accuracy.

bodivis mission ---- Safeguard the health of all human beings.

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