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It is one of the important conditions for health to have a proper proportion of various components in the body and keep them relatively stable. Excessiveness or deficiency of a certain body component is often a sign or symptom of illness. 

BIA bioelectrical impedance analysis in Medical Industry

BIA method (bioelectrical impedance) is the most simple and effective method to measure the fat, protein, body water, and bone mass of human body.Long-term imbalance of body composition will bring serious harm to health and is closely related to the following diseases: cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, osteoporosis, kidney diseases, metabolic diseases, digestive system diseases, obesity, and body fat dysfunction.

Keeping a certain proportion of body composition stable is one of the important indicators to measure whether a person is healthy or not. Accurate, simple, and rapid determination of human body components is necessary to help the subject determine their own health status. The analysis of human body components has incomparable value. The fluctuation of human body components and the imbalance between components can scientifically define obesity level and have auxiliary diagnostic functions for some other diseases. Therefore, the stability of body composition is one of the important standards to measure a person's healthiness. Accurate, simple, and rapid determination of human body composition can be used in the etiology and pathogenesis of various nutritional metabolic diseases (including nutritional disorders), nutritional disorders or metabolic disorders, clinical manifestations, as well as the basis of nutritional diagnosis and nutritional treatment. After equipment testing, fitness professionals can give quantitative advice to the subject, to help them achieve a healthier body.

Based on the analysis report from body impedance analysis machine, solutions can be provided for patients with primary nutritional disorders caused by insufficient, excessive, or improper intake of nutrients.It can jointly diagnose and treat patients with secondary malnutrition caused by organic or functional diseases, traumatic stress, and special physiological factors.It can diagnose and treat patients with metabolic diseases caused by metabolic disorders jointly with all clinical departments.

BIA bioelectrical impedance analysis diagnostic significance

The nutrition department should regularly screen the inpatients for body composition, and screen out the patients with maladjusted body composition through the detection, evaluation, and diagnosis of body composition. For those patients who need therapeutic diet, enteral nutrition and parenteral nutrition, the clinical nutrition department should give reasonable nutritional treatment. Body composition analyzer manufacturers are concentrate on developing more convenient ways to meet people' s needs in detect and evaluate body composition.

Master the commonly used methods of nutrition monitoring and nutritional status evaluation and their diagnostic significance: human component analyzer, anthropometry, human metabolic rate measurement, etc.; Nutrient level determination (such as vitamins, minerals, etc.), rapid reaction protein determination, lymphocyte count, metabolic test (such as nitrogen balance test, etc.), food intolerance and other biochemical tests; Bone mineral density determination and other imaging examination; Nutrient intake measurement and other nutritional conversion.

Applications of bioelectrical impedance analysis scales

It is suitable for monitoring the nutrition and metabolism status of inpatients in nutrition department

It is suitable for the health of the fluid and internal environment of kidney disease patients

Subhealth physical examination with body composition as the coreSubhealth assessment system

Exercise Prescription and Nutrition Prescription System

Chronic disease risk prediction system

Applicable to physical examination center, nutrition department, endocrine, nephrology, rehabilitation center, cadre ward, community, health service center, etc.