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Visceral Fat Detection with Body Composition Analyzer

Visceral fat is the main cause of chronic metabolic health problems. Studies have shown that excessive liver and pancreas fat is a factor that increases the risk of diabetes, and people are prone to "beer belly" in middle age.

Therefore, middle-aged people should pay attention to problems such as high blood pressure and high blood sugar. If you have abdominal obesity or tendency to use the body composition analyzer during the regular physical examination, you should pay attention to weight loss to ensure the healthy development of the body.

The consumption of abdominal fat should be carried out from several aspects of diet control, daily life and exercise training.

1. Control diet through the detection of body composition analyzer

"Beer belly" does not refer to the big belly caused by drinking beer, but because the body's metabolism decreases after getting older. Although the food is similar to when you were young, the body's consumption of fat is reduced, and it will continue to accumulate fat and cause weight gain.

Everyone should control their diet and pay attention to reducing the intake of high-fat, high-salt and other foods. These foods will not only increase weight but also damage the health of the body. Although it is delicious, you should also pay attention to the frequency of eating.

2. Control the daily routine through the detection of the body composition analyzer

The life of contemporary people is staying up. This kind of life schedule is very detrimental to the body. If you don't go to bed on time at the end of a busy day, the body's biological clock will be disrupted, and the body's Hormone levels can also be affected.

When the body's self-regulation is disrupted and the normal operation of the body cannot be controlled, the body is easy to gain weight.

People who stay up late for a long time will find that although their body weight is within the standard range through the body composition analyzer, their body fat percentage is relatively high and their muscle content is relatively low, which reduces the body's resistance to the outside world and makes it easy to get sick.

3. Exercise training through the detection of body composition analyzer

For people with abdominal obesity, through the combination of whole-body exercise training and abdominal targeted training, abdominal fat can be well consumed.

Do not exercise too much at one time, and do the next exercise every other week. This is not very useful for fat consumption. Persist at least three times a week, and exercise for half an hour once combined with a healthy diet can speed up the rate of abdominal fat consumption.

Visceral fat has a great impact on health, and the body composition analyzer can not only detect the body fat percentage, BMI and other values of the human body.

It can also detect the range of abdominal fat in the human body through stage analysis and evaluation, which is a good indicator for those who are of normal weight but have abdominal obesity.