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How Does Body Composition Analyser Machine Relieve Brain Fatigue?

Ⅰ. Operating principle of the body composition analyser machine 

1. The body composition analyzer machine detects and evaluates the functional state of the tissues and organs of the whole body by detecting heart rate variability, bia bioelectrical impedance analysis, and other theories for the detection of different physical states, so as to screen the sub-health of the body.

2. Brain fatigue is a sub-health state. Common in mental workers, such as students, white-collar workers, and so on. It is due to the long-term use of the brain, the brain is prone to the insufficient blood supply, and people will feel fatigued, especially those who are stressed. In this case, even if you sleep more, it is difficult to cope with brain fatigue, because too much sleep does not improve the blood oxygen supply to the brain very well.

Ⅱ. How does the body composition analyser machine relieve brain fatigue?

1. First of all, you can do some aerobic exercise appropriately. Such as brisk walking, jogging, playing ball, practicing Tai Chi, etc. to increase blood oxygen level. Sufficient oxygen supply to the brain, sweat naturally eliminates fatigue.

2. Use a body composition analyser machine to screen the sub-health state of the body, and seek medical treatment in time to recover as soon as possible.

Secondly, bad emotions can be properly vented. There are many ways to vent, as long as you don't hurt others and yourself, and you can release bad emotions, they are all desirable. For example, some people like to play bungee jumping in weightlessness to seek physical and mental balance. Some people like to watch comedy or horror movies and express their bad emotions by laughing or shouting.

3. In addition, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and soak your feet in hot water before going to bed.

4. In short, if the body composition analyser machine detects such a situation in the body, it must be adjusted in time. Left unchecked, brain fatigue may reduce the body's immune function and lead to a variety of physical and mental illnesses. Long-term stress and fatigue can easily lead to various diseases of the digestive system and nervous system, and can also damage people's mental health, reduce mental endurance, and even lead to mental breakdown.

5. Attention: If you have symptoms of brain fatigue for a long time, use a body composition analyser machine to detect sub-health conditions, and if self-regulation is ineffective, you must go to the neurology department or psychology department of a regular hospital for treatment.

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