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Body Composition Analyzer Assessment of Body Shape

Ⅰ. How to get a healthy body shape through the detection of body composition analyzer?

Body shape is the overall description and evaluation of the shape of the human body, and it is related to the human body's ability to exercise and the degree of infection to diseases. Body shape is mainly affected by genetics, but adaptation to the environment is also related to the acquired influence of human behavior.

A healthy body shape means that the body's muscle and fat content are within the standard range, and the height and weight meet the standard body mass index value.

Using the body composition analyzer to detect and evaluate the human body, the body shape can be refined into nine types. Among them, the values of fat, muscle, body mass index, and body fat percentage can be judged as a healthy body shape if they are within the standard range.

There are three types of body types in medicine:

Slender type: also known as weak type, manifested as tall stature, lack of muscle, slender neck, narrow and drooping shoulders, flat chest, and epigastric angle less than 90°.

Symmetrical type: Also known as the positive type, it is manifested in the symmetry of all parts of the body, and most adults belong to this body type.

Chunky type: also known as super-strength type, manifested as stout physique, short and thick neck, red face, and large bust.

Ⅱ. Detection of body shape by body composition analyzer

Body type classification is mainly evaluated from data such as height, weight, fat, muscle, etc. After passing the test, sports training goals can be set for the insufficient parts.

The body composition analyzer uses the principle of bioelectrical impedance to analyze the basic composition of the human body. The body composition analyzer detects whether each composition is within a healthy range. For abnormal body shapes, an exercise training plan is made to ensure that the body is maintained within a healthy range.

Ⅲ. How does the body composition analyzer maintain a healthy body shape?

1. Keep exercising

Life lies in exercise. Exercising can consume excess body fat and prevent adverse effects of obesity on health. It can also strengthen the formation of body muscle tissue through strength training, which is beneficial to the body's ability to exercise and resist external injuries.

Insist on exercising more than three times a week, and each exercise time is more than 40 minutes, which can keep the body active and healthy.

2. Regular work and rest

Working at sunrise and resting at sunset is the work and rest pattern summed up by people for thousands of years, which is in line with people's biological clock. Sleeping is a behavior to restore energy and maintain healthy body functions.

Staying up late for a long time will have adverse effects on the body and spirit, so people need to work and rest regularly in order to maintain a healthy body shape.

3. Nutrition mix

A healthy diet can maintain the shape of the body. It is necessary to eat more milk and eggs, as well as fruits and vegetables. The supplement of meat is also very important.