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A Brief Introduction to Body Composition Analyzer

The purpose of physical test is to help people have a better understanding of the overall results and evaluation of their own physical fitness condition. It is to predict the risk of human organic diseases, quantitatively evaluate whether the human body has degenerative diseases, provide a scientific statistic for organizing exercisers to carry out sports, with the purpose to reduce people’s risk of disease. Human body composition analyzer is an instrument that can measure the health index of human body composition.

What body composition analyzer can do

Through the body composition analyzer, you can find the track of physical improvement, so as to implement new diet and exercise plans. This new health management equipment will automatically collect and analyze data from the customers’ body, so that you can provide advice and professional knowledge for the customers. Users can also receive considerate services cooperating with professional catering and health care consultant system. It can test various health indexes such as weight, obesity degree, body age, basic metabolism, muscle mass, estimated bone mass, body fat rate, visceral fat level, exercise mode, etc., which is accurate to the left and right of hands and feet, and will effectively indicate users’ physical health condition.

How body composition analyzer works

The human body composition analyzer machine adopts the BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) biological impedance detection technology which used at home and abroad. Different product model is endowed with different reference factors. The main reference factors include weight, gender, height, age and impedance. On the basis of DXA (Dual energy X-ray absorptiometr), DSM(Direct Segmental Multi-frequency) method has become a simpler and more direct method to measure human body composition. The test results taking advantage of both two measurement methods show 98% similarity.

The segmental analysis method can measure the whole data of the body and the data of both upper and lower limbs accurately and effectively. Among them, the high-end human body composition analyzer products can measure visceral fat. The measurement accuracy of other companies is not high, which is commonly recognized by our customers.Therefore, the body analysis machine price and the body composition machine price match with their good quality.

Body composition analyzer market application

Human body composition analyzer has a promising and wide application prospect and can be used in internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, intensive care, rehabilitation, sports medicine, and cosmetology. In terms of health nutrition, it is considered to be an epoch-making achievement of the health industry, a weight loss health consulting management system, as well as an excellent health consultant, which provides independent health analysis data for each tester. The human body impedance analysis machine uses the statistical method to measure the human body composition, i.e. weight, obesity degree, body age, basic metabolism, muscle mass, estimated bone mass, body fat rate, visceral fat level, exercise mode, etc., which is accurate to the left and right of hands and feet, and will effectively indicate users' physical health condition.

Obesity degree is determined by calculating the ratio of height to weight. To accurately judge whether obesity, one must know the content of adipose tissue. But it is difficult to calculate the fat mass. Human body composition analyzer is an epoch-making health management instrument. It can measure body weight and fat mass in one minute. With it, we can easily measure body fat and control the important information and data for a healthier life.

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