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Exercise Helps Maintain Body Function

Ⅰ. The importance of Body composition analyzer

Body composition analyzer detects human body functions, analyzes body composition, and screens whether the body is in a sub-health state.

1. The aging trend in the world is serious, bringing many health problems to the elderly. In addition to functional degradation caused by muscle degeneration, stiffness of joints, osteoporosis, and so on, it will also lead to some diseases peculiar to the elderly and common chronic diseases of the elderly. Due to the high prevalence of the elderly, the variety of diseases, and the long course of the disease, solving the health problems of the elderly will consume a lot of social costs. Analysis body composition shows that compared with social security measures such as medical treatment and health preservation, scientific fitness activities with disease prevention and anti-aging effect are undoubtedly the most economical, convenient, and effective way to improve the health level of the population.

2. Cell function and system regulation will be affected during the aging process. The peak of most physiological functions of the human body occurs around the age of 30 and declines year by year. The decline is characterized by a greater deterioration in the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, and motor systems' functioning than in adulthood. Appropriate exercise training influences all these factors; especially if you insist on exercising throughout your life, you can even make the elderly's physical fitness reach a very high level.

Ⅱ. Body composition analyser analyzes body composition

Body composition analyser analyzes body composition by examining the whole body and analyzing the functional status of various body organs. If you want to know more about body fat analyzer machine price, please contact us.

1. The body composition analyser analyzes body composition by examining the whole body. The analysis shows that proper physical exercise is good for the cardiovascular system. It can improve the excitability of the elderly myocardium and the contractility of the myocardium. It can also dilate the coronary arteries, improve blood flow, increase the ability of the myocardium to use oxygen, and thus enhance cardiac function. In addition, studies have shown that physical activity can increase HDL levels in the blood, which can remove fat deposits on blood vessel walls and prevent atherosclerosis.

2. The body composition analyser machine analyzes body composition by examining the whole body. Regarding the respiratory system, regular exercise of the elderly can maintain the elasticity of lung tissue, increase the contractility of respiratory muscle. It will expand the range of thoracic activity, improve the ventilation function of lung tissue, and increase oxygen inhalation ability to increase the metabolism of internal organs. Regular physical exercise can also prevent chronic bronchitis and other lung diseases in the elderly.

3. The body composition analyser analyzes body composition by examining the whole body. The bia bioelectrical impedance analysis shows that, in terms of the digestive system, proper physical exercise can increase appetite, gastrointestinal motility, digestive fluid secretion and accelerate the digestion and absorption of food. In addition, due to the deepening of breathing during exercise, the up and down movement of the diaphragm and the abdominal muscles' activity have a massage effect on the gastrointestinal tract and increase its digestive function. The whole body blood circulation increases, the metabolism is vigorous, thus improving the liver, pancreas, and other internal organs' function.

4. The body composition analyzer analyzes body composition by examining the whole body. The analysis shows that the exercise system can improve the blood circulation and metabolism of the bones through physical exercise suitable for the elderly, increase the density of the outer bone layer, strengthen the bones, and delay osteoporosis, decalcification, and other ageing processes. Also, it can enhance joint toughness, improve joint elasticity and flexibility, prevent and treat senile arthritis (such as frozen shoulder) and joint stiffness. Besides, it can enhance muscle strength, improve exercise endurance, speed, flexibility, and accuracy.

The screening of body composition analyzer is helpful to find early symptoms in time and check the sub-health of the body.